Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG Real Vs Fake:

Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG White is one of the most popular releases from the Nike X Off-White collaboration. Taking a look at Stockx, the prices are well over $3,500. The value of these sneakers may continue to rise so we wrote up this guide to help you if you plan on buying a pair.

Below are the things to look out for to make sure you’re buying an authentic pair.

The pattern on the rear side

On the real Jordan 1 pattern on the backside is denser than the elements on the fake sneakers. On the fake Air Jordan 1, you will notice the pattern is always the same.

Check the tightness of the blue patch

Now we will check how tight the blue stitches on the rear side of the Nike Swoosh logo. On the fake one, those blue stitches at times can be too loose. On the real Jordan 1, it will always have their blue stitches as tight with no extra stitching hanging off of the shoe.

Be careful if the price is extremely low

There is no denying that each of us wants to buy new Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG White shoes at the lowest possible prices. The production of fake, the quality of which is poor, is also significantly cheaper than the production of the original shoes.

However, original shoes always have their price. A printed price usually means that the products are counterfeit. Such an investment is not worth it. Original sneakers are much more durable than they’re fake.

For a brand new pair, you should except at the time of this article is published to pay over $1,000. A used pair should on a average be about $2,550

Letter errors in the name

You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to notice all the differences between a fake and an original. These are mostly such mistakes in letters as “Nike” instead of logo Swoosh from Nike.

Sometimes not only names and logos, but also design details are imitated. In this case, it is more difficult to identify fake sneakers. In this case, we should carefully check the quality of the seams, soles or labels. Important: you also have to check whether you are dealing with a photo of the actual product and not an advertising photo. The photo should be compared with photos on the manufacturer’s website.

Verify the “Air” text

Text “AIR” on the real Off-White Air Jordan 1 NRG must be placed perfectly on the midsole of the sneakers. And the many times, the fake sneaker’s text “AIR” print looking a lot upper or lower than the real one.

Be extremely cautious

When buying new sneakers, you have to be patient. It would be better to double-check an interesting offer than to regret it later. It is worth asking a seller for great photos of the product offered.

They are also photos showing the inside of the shoes and a label with the serial number. The range of the online shop should, of course, be compared with the range of the manufacturer. Above all, you should be careful if the prices are extremely low.